Traditional Memorial Blanks

Welsh Heather SlateWhilst imported granite headstones may be low cost and readily available, they are irreparably altering the character of our Churchyards and Cemeteries with their hard bright shiny finish. Traditional materials are often seen as unobtainable or very expensive and in several cases have been mistakenly deemed as inappropriate by the Authorities.

At Manthorpe Slate & Stone Ltd we believe that Traditional materials are  viable and offer the Client a Memorial that is in keeping with its environment and also conveys the dignity of its purpose.

Modern manufacturing techniques allow for a wide range of profiles and the potential for fretwork such as the piercing in Celtic Crosses. Working closely with UK quarries assures Memorial quality stone for longevity and ease of engraving.

  • Current materials are:
  • Welsh Dark Blue Grey Slate– free from iron pyrite, quartzite bands and cracks on the cleavage plane.
  • Welsh Heather Off Red and Heather Blue Slate – free from green spot, banding and cracks on the cleavage plane.
  • Lakeland (Cumbrian) Green Slates
  • Lakeland Dark Grey
  • Yorkshire Sandstone – Consistent granular structure and free from multi-tone banding

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Cumbrian Slate headstoneWelsh dark blue grey Slate

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