Limestone Hearths

Limestone HearthTwo Limestones are stocked; Fatima Clair and Crema Bramos.  Both are hard and dense with a very smooth honed finish.

The Fatima Clair is uniform in colour with a small amount of visible shell which can be in odd clumps and rings in places.

The Crema Bramos has a similar level of shell and a subtle variation in colour is swirling bands across the slab. This appears to be due to slight variations in density of the surface porosity, which is marginally more noticeable than the Fatima Clair.

Both have very good scratch resistance and being light in colour, damage is very difficult to detect. Low strength compared with slate so only stocked in 30 mm thickness.

The only vulnerability is damage from acids such as fruit juices. Limited protection can be
afforded by treatment but may give a shiny plastic appearance.

All hearths are treated with a “Stain stop” to prevent staining from normal use, which does not alter its appearance.

Portugese Fatima Clair Limestone hearth
Portugese Crema Bramos Limestone hearth
Portugese Fatima Clair Limestone
Portugese Crema Bramos Limestone

Limestone Characteristics Summary

Colour: Fatima Clair and Crema Bramos with mainly finely dispersed shell
Slab Thickness: 30 mm only
Raw slab size: 3 metres by 1.6 metres
Surface finishes: Honed
Scratch resistance: Good
Porosity: Medium (absorption of water)
Cost: Low
Surface treatment: Stain stop as standard
External use: Not recommended by supplier but no known problems