1 irish blue limestone hearth on trestlesIrish Bluestone

This is an unusual limestone which is very hard, dense and suitable indoors or out. The base limestone is dark grey, coloured by black iron oxide, but the small shells of of the early life from which it evolved are still white. In many cases the detail of the shells can be clearly seen like minature fossils.


Currently stocked as 30 mm honed slab at a similar price to black Italian slate. However it is available in greater thicknesses to special order, suitable for a wide range of applications from Memorials to doorsteps and Garden table tops. We are also looking at flame texturing which gives a more natural effect than honing and will be reporting shortly. 

Irish Bluestone Characteristics Summary

Colour: Dark grey with white remains of shells.
Slab Thickness: 30 mm as standard thicker to special order
Raw slab size: at least 2 metres by 1 metre
Surface finishes: Honed
Scratch resistance: Excellent
Porosity: Minimal
Cost: Medium
Surface treatment: WD 40 or Stain stop
External use: Suitable