Italian Black Slate

Italian Slate fireplaceThis is the most popular and darkest slate available. Uniformly black when treated with in some instances a barely detectable mistiness resulting from very fine quartz particles. (Quartz is a major constituent of slate and confers durability and hardness)

The natural, riven finish is flat with a ‘woodgrain’ appearance running the length of the slab. Recommended where the hearth may see a lot of traffic as it does not show the scratches.

The honed finish is satin smooth but with no reflections.

One of the younger slates at 90 million years old .


Italian riven slate hearth
Italian honed slate hearth
Black Italian riven slate
Black Italian honed slate

Italian Black Slate Characteristics Summary

Colour: Black with occasional jet black inclusions and sometimes a barely visible silvery mist
Slab Thickness: 20 and 30 mm. Thicker by special order  direct from the quarry.
Raw slab size: 2.2 – 3 metres by 1.2 – 1.35 metres
Surface finishes: Honed and Riven
Scratch resistance: Medium
Porosity: Slight
Cost: Medium
Surface treatment: WD40
External use: No