Polished Granite HearthBlack granite

A very hard and uniform material. Available as highly polished or honed, the latter a silk finish which is not quite as black. Rarely treated in the industry but a good idea as it is porous and some products will leave a stain that is hard to remove.

Although hard it is not overly strong so will still required slabbing for open fires and high output stoves .


Polished black granite hearth
Honed black Granite Hearth
Honed black granite
Polished black Granite

Black Granite Characteristics Summary

Colour: Black with a lighter dapple if studied closely.
Slab Thickness: 20 and 30 mm
Raw slab size: 3 metres by 1.6 metres
Surface finishes: Polished and honed
Scratch resistance: High
Porosity: Medium
Cost: Medium
Surface treatment: Stain stop and/or wax polish
External use: Suitable