Welsh Dark Blue Grey Paving

Slate is ideal for paving as it is extremely resistant to green growth and slimes so is not slippery in wet weather and retains its appearance and colour over a long time. It is extremely strong, completely water proof and ideal for patios, paths and wall coping.

The paving may also be used internally where it is recommended to use a special slate sealer. This confers a gloss finish that enhances the lustre of the slate, its colour and repels dust.

The standard slab is  20 mm thickness either “calibrated” or “riven – riven”.

The “calibrated” slab is machined on the rear face to give a flat surface for ease of laying.

The “riven- riven” slab is as split and is more variable in thickness but slightly cheaper.

Sizes are:  500 x 500 mm, 400 x 400 mm, 500 x 250 mm and 250 x 250 mm.

Thicker slabs can be supplied to special order but are considerably more expensive.

Tiles are also available, again with a riven finish and calibrated to 12 mm thickness. These are suitable for light duty external use and internal flooring.

Sizes are: 300 x 300 mm, 300 x 400 mm, 300 x 600 mm, 200 x 200 mm, 200 x 400 mm, 400 x 400 mm, 400 x 600 mm, 250 x 250 mm and 250 x 500  and 500 x 500 mm.


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